Aysel van Kedi Sahane

Aysel was born in our cattery on June 29th 2006. She was the first of six kittens born to our Tipi. She was also the very first to be born in our own cattery. The first to be given our catteryname.

Aysel is a very sweet lady, but with spunk. Just the way we like to see a Turkish Angora. She is a beautifull black smoke lady who loves to cuddle. She loves to sit or lay on your lap, for hours at a time. Or better yet, wrap herself around your neck and cling to your shoulders. Marc is not at all thrilled by this behaviour, but Wendy loves this lovely and warm living scarf.

Aysel also loves te apport. Her playmouse and a tail of something that used to be a playmouse one day, can regularly be found at your feet. She will be staring at you and then at her mouse. Keeping that up untill you start throwing. And she keeps at it! Until she tires. And that may take a while, because next to giving cuddles and sleeping, playing is her next favorite thing to do.