Black Velveteen van Kedi Sahane

Born in our home juli 30 2009. A carefull little man, very gentle and always sweet. Loves to play, specially in our catproof garden. He understands we humans are very fragile, but he doesn't really get why. He may look elegant, but his behaviour is not always very elegant. When it is a little bit busy in the house he has no time at all to cuddle, even if he loves his cuddles. No time, he needs to play! He loves to play with Cad, just running and running. And Elmira, playing hide and seek. But when things quiet down, he comes to get his cuddles, loves to be with you. Stands right next to you and starts purring when you look at him. Pick him up en put him on your lap, he will stay with you for a while. Unless of course he didn't mean to sit on your lap. Then he leaves as soon as possible! Purring all the way of course.Velvet is a bit of a pushover, but o so sweet. My beautifull special man.

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