Tipi von Kedi Arkadas

Tipi came to live with us at the same day as her halfbrother Senin. She was born march 8 2005. At first we thougt she was a little boy, we wanted two brothers. Several weeks she could keep it up, but finally she had to show her true colors. He was a she! We could not bare to 'exchange' her for her brother who was still available, and so, when Senin came, so came Tipi.

In june 2006 Tipi gave birth to six beautifull kittens, and that was the start of our cattery. Our very first litter. We are very proud of our lady and we are very happy she came to live with us. Especially Marc is pleased, Tipi has made him her 'chosen one'. Whenever she can she is with him, I am never forgotten, but Marc is definately her favorite!

Tipi was tested for the pointgen and is not a carrier.

Tipi tested negative for HCM and PKD.